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Green coffee using performance

Kate from Helmshore

I started when my weight was 94 kg being 174 high. Now I weigh 72-74. I will not say that slimming lasted one month… It was a little bit over one year. The difference is extraordinary!!! I use Green Coffee regularly and I stopped using sugar with tea and coffee. I eat normally + smaller suppers and more protein products and SPORT! I started running 2 km distance every day. Fight for your health and appearance because it is worth doing that. My target is 62 kg so let’s keep fighting!!!


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I recommend Green Coffee plus a diet and exercising supplement. These are no magic pills that work after eating 4 donuts, drink up with a cola and then eat up with French fires. When restricting diet this product is helpful, however the most is up to you. I am getting nervous when I read that one is taking supplements and cannot loose weight. If you want to loose weight using stuff like these instead of introducing other changes, well, my congratulations for such a stupidity.

Abby8405 Sept 2014

I have also bought this supplement with green coffee and I like it. Now, I am loosing weight with no stress, no rush, slower but with effects is better. I suffered from yo-yo effect so many times that I really do not feel like experiencing another one. What matters is slimming with no yo-yo effect. This is the basis for me in slimming.

LydiaPrattJan 13, 2014