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Health properties

Safe green coffee

Good supplement for slimming should reasonably reduce weight and take care of general well-being. Supplement green coffee plus is tested, natural product, friendly for your organism and stimulating the process of slimming.

Green coffee is nothing else than green coffee beans that are drunk by Polish in amounts of about 110 litres per year. The difference is that beans of green coffee are not roasted. The process of roasting adds aroma but it also reduces the amount of the most valuable substances, for example chlorogenic acid, which has slimming and pro-healthy properties.

Helps to reduce adipose tissue inside the body by 15-30%

According to Japanese scientists mixing of chlorogenic acid with caffeine visibly reduces the level of absorbing glucose from food and decreases chances of storing absorbed glucose as a fat inside a body. This medical finding made green coffee being considered as one of the most effective slimming products – the first one to announce this news was dr Joe Vinson, the chemist from the University of Scranton in Pensylvania. Scienitists strongly suggest that systemic use of green coffee may reduce the amount of adipose tissue inside the body by 15-30%.

Acts against the development of cancerous forms and body ageing process

The green coffee beans include a lot of chlorogenic acid (ACG), which is a natural polyphenol with strong antioxidant properties. It acts against the development of cancerous forms and body ageing processes. Green coffee has three times more stronger antioxidative properties than green tea.

Acts against bacteria and fungi

Chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of sugar in gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to that an organism may use its stored substances more actively. Also, it increases the sensitivity of neurons for insulin. It has the properties against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

It acts against inflammation, cholagogue and atherosclerosis

The supplement also contains caffeic acid. It acts against inflammation, cholagogue and atherosclerosis. Also, simultaneously it is an antioxidant. Using of a green coffee lowers the risk of suffering from type II diabetes, positively affects kidneys functioning, prevents males from gallstones and boosts metabolism. It also positively influence mental processes, memory and concentration skills.

Green coffee using performance

Kate from Helmshore

I started when my weight was 94 kg being 174 high. Now I weigh 72-74. I will not say that slimming lasted one month… It was a little bit over one year. The difference is extraordinary!!! I use Green Coffee regularly and I stopped using sugar with tea and coffee. I eat normally + smaller suppers and more protein products and SPORT! I started running 2 km distance every day. Fight for your health and appearance because it is worth doing that. My target is 62 kg so let’s keep fighting!!!


Last reviews

I recommend Green Coffee plus a diet and exercising supplement. These are no magic pills that work after eating 4 donuts, drink up with a cola and then eat up with French fires. When restricting diet this product is helpful, however the most is up to you. I am getting nervous when I read that one is taking supplements and cannot loose weight. If you want to loose weight using stuff like these instead of introducing other changes, well, my congratulations for such a stupidity.

Abby8405 Sept 2014

I have also bought this supplement with green coffee and I like it. Now, I am loosing weight with no stress, no rush, slower but with effects is better. I suffered from yo-yo effect so many times that I really do not feel like experiencing another one. What matters is slimming with no yo-yo effect. This is the basis for me in slimming.

LydiaPrattJan 13, 2014