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Kate from Helmshore

I started when my weight was 94 kg being 174 high. Now I weigh 72-74. I will not say that slimming lasted one month… It was a little bit over one year. The difference is extraordinary!!! I use Green Coffee regularly and I stopped using sugar with tea and coffee. I eat normally + smaller suppers and more protein products and SPORT! I started running 2 km distance every day. Fight for your health and appearance because it is worth doing that. My target is 62 kg so let’s keep fighting!!!

Nicole from Langley

84 kg for many people is not a tragedy. For me it was. First of all, it was like that because I am not a tall woman. With my height – 160 cm, 84 kg of weigh is really a lot… I felt like small, round barrel. Besides, I was also treated that way. When I recall highschool and lessons of physical education I have thos memory of two girls picking female team mates for their teams. I have always been picked up as the last one, when there was no better choice…

I must admit that I never had no grievance towards my friends. Small, ponderous, slow. They were only loosing because of me, Obviously, I had been trying to loose some weight. However, I am not a person with enough strong-will to say no to hamburgers or sweets. After two days of a diet and morning jogging I had been finishing in the bed, holding tv remote control and big box of chocolate ice-cream. This was my life until I met Kasia during my studies. As soon as I found out that her father was a dietetic, I asked her immediately to set me up. This is how my story with green coffee plus started! I must admit, until now I have heard completely nothing about wonderful properties of a green coffee! And now? I am a living example for that a green coffee can do miracles. 10 kg is really a lot for me.

Jamie from Thornton

I am using Green Coffee plus for about 1,5 week and I have lost 5kg. How awesome! I do not feel like eating at all, and if I am eating than it is because I have to because I am afraid that I will get hungry or something. I even started thinking if it is normal. Besides, I have noticed that I simply drink more (not vodka or beer) only juices or water. Personally, I want to loose about 8 kg.

Kiera from London

I have been dreaming about a child for almost two years. When I got pregnant, I started gaining on weight incredibly fast. I hoped that after giving birth I will get my figure back. I gained 9 kg, I felt terrible inside my body. I avoided looking in a mirror. I had no time for exercising, taking care of my son required my whole energy. Besides, I never had a strong will – I could not say no to sweets or my favorite spaghetti.

My sister, who started studying dietetics this year, told me about properties of a green coffee. She persuaded me into trying Green Coffee plus. After the first month of using I had already started fitting into clothes which I wore before pregnancy. It was a real shock for me. After three months of cure I weigh less than before pregnancy! I have lost 12 kg. It is hard for me to describe how happy I am since I have finished the cure Green Coffee plus. I feel attractive again, I feel that my husband likes my body, besides, I have a way more energy. It is as if somebody turned back time. This preparation has simply changed my life.